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Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica

Finca Bellavista is a residential treehouse community in its formative years in the South Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica. This rustic, yet comfortable, private retreat off the beaten path is a place where owners and limited numbers of guests can explore the natural wonders of the rainforest canopy and enjoy ‘treetop Pura Vida’. The location of this 300-acre preserve, overlooking the biologically diverse Golfo Dulce and Osa Peninsula areas, is a sight to behold and is beyond comparison. Treehouses, ziplines, waterfalls, and rainforest combine to make the quintessential Costa Rica experience and provide a magical backdrop for this completely off-grid locale. To minimize impacts on the surrounding environment, parcels in this growing neighborhood are interconnected with a series of ziplines, canopy platforms, and ground trails, and all electricity is produced on-site.

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Finca Bellavista





500 x 333 - 37K
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500 x 317 - 20K
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  • We (wife and two kids, 8 and 12) stayed in Castillo Mastate last year, the tall one in the first picture.  The downhill side is something like 90' up but you access it (after climbing the steep hill) via a level bridge to the lower (open) platform. I love treehouses on slopes!  This, and the one called "mis ojos" (pictured in Nelson's books and here, behind the guy on the zipline, who I think is Matt, one of the owners) are the most amazing treehouses I've gotten to visit.  The massive one in Alnwick Gardens in England is very cool but doesn't feel like a treehouse to me.  These are true treehouses. There several stilt houses there, and plans to do more, which are easier and more practical but I hope Matt and Erica get some owners building designs along the lines of the ones the pictures!  Would love to do one myself...I could go on for pages about our great experience at Finca Bellavista.  Highly recommended for adventurers of all ages!
  • ok, it's not really ALL ages.. you have to be in halfway decent shape, there is a lot of walking up and down hills...

  • This place is trully beautiful. Would love to go there and experience everything, bathe by the waterfalls, try the zip line, and sleep in a treehouse, of course!
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