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Stump Treehouse Support?

Hi -- I have an old maple that needs to come down, and I'm thinking of leaving a good-sized (6-foot) stump, and using it as the base for a treehouse for my daughter.  I've looked online and in books but can't find any references to building atop a stump.  Since it's not a living tree, and won't be growing or moving in the wind, I'm thinking I don't have to worry about lag bolts, TABs, etc.  On the other hand, are there things I need to think about if I'm fastening supports into "dead" wood?  I would think the presence of the treehouse on top might protect the stump from some exposure, rotting, etc.
Any ideas or suggestions?
Thanks!  --dex


  • So that leaves what as possible fasteners? Threaded rod as drifts or spikes? They are very soft and you would have to drill for them also. "Dead wood" is what we find at the lumberyard so just use the proper size fastenings for the timbers. Lags are the way to go. Most of the support for the first timbers should come from notches cut in the tree and the lags will keep them from moving horizontally. If they extend much beyond the tree then braces or posts would support the ends. Good luck.
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