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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See also the glossary of treehouse terms.


What is the definition of the word 'treehouse' (or phrase 'tree house')?
Is it acceptable to use ground supports for a treehouse?
When is it not a treehouse?


What is a good tree to build in?
How big does the tree have to be?
How can I measure the diameter of the tree?
How can I tell how old my tree is?
How can I tell my tree is healthy?
Do nails, screws, bolts, ropes or cables damage the tree?
Can I bolt all the way through the tree?
Will the treehouse get higher over time as the tree grows?
How will the treehouse affect the tree in strong winds?


Do I need to worry about building regulations?
What are the main restrictions that affect treehouses?
How do I find out what restrictions are in place in my area?


How much weight will a beam of x" by y" support?
Should I used fixed or floating/flexible supports?
What types of floating supports are there?
How will my supports be affected by tree growth over time?
When should I consider using ground support?
How should I fix posts in the ground?
How do I allow for tree movement with a ground support?


What are good material for the supports?
What are good materials for the floor?
What are good materials for the frame?
What are good materials for the walls?
What are good materials for the roof?
Should I use glass or plastic in the windows?


Where can I get free plans?
Is there anywhere I can buy plans?
Who will design a treehouse for me?
Is it a good idea to get a builder/carpenter to design my treehouse?
Why bother with a design or plan?
What are some cool features to add to my treehouse?
How do I keep the rain out of the treehouse?
How do I prevent rain entering around branches/the trunk that pass through the treehouse?
How should I protect wood from rot?

Treehouses around the world

How many treehouses are there in the world?
What countries have the greatest interest in treehouses?
Where can I stay in a treehouse?
Do you know anyone who lives in a treehouse as their main home?
How many treehouse building companies are there?
What is the oldest surviving treehouse?
What is the biggest treehouse?
Where can I find other treehouses on the web?