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Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)

Treehouses around the world

How many treehouses are there in the world?

There has been no official large scale treehouse count, and an estimation would be very hard to make. Treehouses tend to be small scale and are often tucked away out of sight so without everyone's co-operation, it is unlikely that this figure can be calculated accurately. There will be many thousands in all shapes and sizes.

What countries have the greatest interest in treehouses?

In order of popularity and based on communications with The Treehouse Guide, treehouse building is most popular in the USA (including Hawaii), UK, Germany, France and Brazil.

Where can I stay in a treehouse?

Have a look at this selection of treehouse accommodation.

Do you know anyone who lives in a treehouse as their main home?

Corbin Dunn used to live in a large treehouse in Santa Cruz, California, but he has since moved out and the treehouse has fallen down.

How many treehouse building companies are there?

The Treehouse Guide lists 35 companies that have a web presence. This is not an exhaustive list and does not include standard building companies who also take on treehouse projects to diversify their skills.

What is the oldest surviving treehouse?

The oldest documented treehouse which is still in place is in England on the grounds of Pitchford Hall, Shropshire, UK which was built in the 17th century (exact date unknown).

What is the biggest treehouse?

Candidates for the largest fully tree supported treehouse in the world include Corbin Dunn's in the USA. As the distinction between ground based houses and ground based treehouses is unclear, it is hard to say which is the largest ground supported 'treehouse'. The Alnwick Treehouse, while undoubtedly the world's most expensive (£3m/$6m), also claims to be the world's largest but faces competition from the Big Treehouse.

Where can I find other treehouses on the web?

See The Treehouse Guide's links pages.