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True treehouses

Houses supported entirely or mostly by a tree or trees. For houses with ground support, see houses on posts.

Finca Bellavista
An ever-increasing collection of treehouses built in Costa Rican rainforest. The project is run as a residential development with building lots for sale, as well as accommodation for visitors. Only treehouses are allowed to be built, to preserve the structure and ecosystems of the rainforest. Electrical power comes from solar and a hydro system. Internet and drinking water connections are provided to each lot.

A finely finished treehouse built in secret in the forests near Whistler in Canada. Since its revelation, the Hemloft is being moved to Canada Wilderness Adventures as part of their collection of recycled buildings.

Corbin Dunn's treehouse
An amply equipped treehouse built 25 feet from the ground on a hill in Santa Cruz, California. Corbin used to live there full time but the treehouse has since collapsed.

Ken Godfrey's treehouse
Cable supported structure with a range of hardware examples to reference and useful detail in the photos and notes.

Gusick treehouse
Two treehouses in small trees, built over a few weekends.

The Korowai
Documentary of native peoples' treehouses. These are the most extreme and amazing treehouses you are likely to see! They cling up to 25m/82ft high in gravity defying perches on top of trees that seem barely able to carry their load. Yet the Korowai actually live and carry out their daily lives in these outstanding places. Make sure to click on 'Slideshow'.

Linda Aldredge
Large treehouse getaway in Catskill State Park, New York.

Mark Foster
Slideshow about a small treehouse built in the corner of the garden.

Shechter Family treehouse
Spacious treehouse built between three trunks. Camouflage paint blends the structure with the tree. Also illustrates the potential problems of working from long ladders.

Mark Morrow
Excellent treehouse set high in an oak overlooking a lake. Uses sliding metal brackets for support.

Erik's treehouse
Two children's treehouses and some model treehouses.


Treehouse by design
Treehouse news and stories from David Montie.

Dan Wright
Tips and advice for those building themselves, written by the owner of Tree Top Builders in Pennsylvania.

16 Feet
Heavy duty treehouse using custom built metal brackets and a cable suspended support method. Fitted with a wood stove for winter visits.

This old treehouse
Children's treehouse set between four trees.

Home Tree Home
Collection of treehouse news from Italy and around the world.

Danny Sullivan
A 'treehouse in a week' project built in summer 2007.

La Cabane de Vincent
Blog about Vincent's treehouse building projects in France.

Treehouse Chronicles
From the author of Treehouse Chronicles, a diary of treehouse stories and excerpts from the book.

Photos only

Countryside Education Trust
Design and progress images of the Countryside Education Trust study centre (Hampshire, UK).

Valle de Sensaciones have a couple of small treehouses at their retreat.

Joanne and Harry Neely's treehouse

Parshley Treehouse
Using Garnier Limbs fitted by Michael Garnier himself.

Sanna's Bag

Jason Hill

French treehouse


Treehouse time lapse

Kevin Mullin's treehouse
Two platforms built with knee braces in a stand of pine.

Holly's treehouse
Small treehouse with staircase in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Nicholas Von der Bosch's treehouse
A shingled spherical treehouse on cables that can be raised and lowered on the tall post to which it is attached.