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Treehouse plans and designs

Treehouse Guides
At The Treehouse Guide's sister site you can order simple step-by-step instruction manuals to create one of a range of treehouses. There are models suited for building in one tree, across two trees or on posts if you don't have trees. All the treehouses are designed to suit people with little building experience.

Simple plan
A design at The Treehouse Guide which shows you how to build a small treehouse using simple materials.

Nelson Treehouse
From Pete Nelson (of Treehouse Masters) comes a selection of floor plans from some of the treehouses he has been involved with. Some alterations will be required for your tree(s).

Instructables: How to build a treehouse
Children's treehouse between two trees using easy to find materials.

John Carberry's blog
Installing Garnier Limbs, otherwise known as Treehouse Attachment Bolts (TABs).

Stiles Designs and Plans
The author of the most popular treehouse construction books offers occasional tips and plans you can order for building other garden structures. Surprisingly, there is little here on treehouses.

EZ Treehouse plans
Sales of a quick set of treehouse plans for a basic structure.

News articles and treehouse books

Book reviews by The Treehouse Guide, all available to order from Amazon.

Extreme treehouses
Popular Mechanics, March 2006
Comprehensive article showing some large treehouse projects and explaining the technology that holds them up.

Dreamhouse in the trees
LA Times, August 2004
A lengthy article for a newspaper, covers all the basics and talks to several people who have built themselves or who got the experts in.

Out on a Limb Tree Houses for Adults
The New York Times, March 2003
The build process behind a treehouse idea handled by Pete Nelson's TreeHouse Workshop of Seattle, WA.

Out on a limb
Indy Week, July 2006
Designing a treehouse with children in mind.

Where the wild things were
Guardian, July 2001
Article about the rise in popularity of treehouses.

Building a treehouse
Corner Hardware
Treehouse building tips

Building a treehouse
Mother Earth News, Aug/Sep 2001
Steps involved in treehouse building.

Treehouse related websites

New Tribe climbing equipment
All manner of specialist tree climbing equipment from this Oregon company.

Tree Climbers International
A club devoted to tree climbing. You can become a member and travel all over the world to climb big trees.

Zip line project
Well documented home made zip line by Brian Greenstone.

Tree Council (UK)
An organisation promoting the care of trees, particularly old and unique specimens.

Rainbow Play System (UK | USA)
Pre-fabricated ground based playhouses, complete with swings and playground accessories.