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Simple treehouse plan

Parts list

X-ray 3D view of treehouse

These pages cover practical information to help you build your own simple treehouse, safely and with the minimum hassle. This treehouse is very easy to construct using 2"x2" and 2"x1" pine and ¾" plywood. You will need to build the basic floor supports yourself, due to the difficulty of designing a universal floor to fit any tree. See construction basics for support examples for different tree types.

Plan of the treehouse

Parts list

Lengths are measured in centimetres, cross-sectional dimensions are measured in inches. Materials are based on those available in the UK but other countries will have similar dimensioned materials that can be easily substituted.


Flat roof: 240x120 (8'x4') ¾" plywood - this is usually a full sheet
Alternative for pitched roof: 2 of 240x80 ¾" plywood instead


2 of 220x100 ½" plywood (the door will be 50x100 of this)
2 of 100x100 ½" plywood


Any size but about 75x50 recommended. You could have a window at either or both ends.


220x100 ¾" plywood (or bigger to fit supports)


220 (2"x1")
170 (2"x1")
90 (2"x1")
95 (2"x1")
total = 5.75 metres (2"x1")

5 of 93 (2"x2")
total = 5 metres (2"x2")

2 of 220 (2"x2")
2 of 90 (2"x2")
total = 6.2 metres (2"x2")

Extra for pitched roof option
4 of 71 (2"x2")
2 of 100 (2"x1")
total = 2.84 metres (2"x2") and 2 metres (2"x1")

Other things you need

  • roofing felt/tar paper (10 metres or more, 1 metre wide)
  • sliding bolt lock with screws
  • 2 x hinges (for door)
  • 4" galvanised nails (for 2"x2" - pre-drill)
  • 2" galvanised nails (for walls)
  • felt tacks
  • 2" passivated/blued/galvanised countersunk screws (for hinges and floor frame)
  • 18 x right angle brackets (optional - for fixing framework together easily)

Once you have collected together the parts shown above, you can begin building...