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Nelson Treehouse - USA
A Seattle based treehouse construction company (formerly TreeHouse Workshop) who have built beautiful treehouses all over the US and were one of the first in the resurgence of the treehouse building industry in the late 90s. The business is run by Pete Nelson, author of a range of treehouse books (see the books page), and his wife Judy Nelson.

Treehouse Engineering - USA
Charlie Greenwood's experience with building in trees has covered extensive testing of fasteners and methods for ensuring the health of the tree. He is one of the world's authorities on treehouse construction. You can now download plans to build copies of the 'Garnier Limb' - a high strength fastener for heavy duty treehouse use.

Tree Top Builders Inc - USA
Founded by Dan Wright in 2003, this Pennsylvania, USA company designs and builds custom tree houses throughout the country. They offer treehouse planning and consulting services for those building themselves, and run several treehouse building workshops each year in the eastern USA. They have a blog and videos of recent projects.

Free Spirit Spheres - USA
Quite an amazing innovation in treehouse building! The treehouse itself is a globe made from plywood and suspended from cables between trees and is therefore adaptable to many tricky building scenarios.

O2 Treehouse - USA
Geodesic lightweight structures made using fully sustainable materials and suspended in the tree from cables. Designed to be adaptive to any tree shape. This is the kind of modern material and technology use that really promotes sustainable architecture practices.

Roderick Romero Studios - USA
Roderick Romero has been building all sorts of structures, including a lot of treehouses, that are based on a human connection with nature.

Stiles Designs - USA
David and Jeanie Stiles are authors of many treehouse books, and also produces custom treehouse designs.

Buffalo Treehouse - USA
Treehouses of all sizes and shapes from this NY state team, with a background in landscape design.

Treehouse Experts - USA
Construction of custom tree houses, playgrounds, zip lines, bridges, and adventure parks in Georgia.

Casa na Árvore - Brazil
Ricardo Brunelli runs this Brazilian treehouse build company.

Baumraum - Germany
Stylish and modern treehouses from this German company which use new materials and architectural design extensively.

La Casa Sull'albero - Italy
Stylised architectural design and build from Rome.

TrueSchool Treehouses - Germany
Engineering and prototyping of treehouses, based in Germany.

Barbara Butler - USA
These playhouses and treehouses are exceptionally designed and are produced in wild designs to make your garden really stand out.

Daniel's Wood Land - USA
Theatrical playhouses and treehouses with hollowed out sections of tree trunk used as the supporting tree.

The Treehouse Guys - USA
Formerly Forever Young Treehouses, they build wheelchair accessible treehouses across the USA.

Living Tree - USA
Run by Jonathan Fairoaks, who has been building treehouses for over forty years and is also a certified arborist. Many of these treehouses are cable supported. The emphasis is on keeping the tree healthy for any size of treehouse. As is now becoming standard across the industry, Living Tree covers the complete process of initial consultation, site survey, design and build.

Azzan Arts - USA
Attie Jonker makes rustic play structures including treehouses with the emphasis on natural forms and carved surfaces. Based in Austin, Texas.

ArtisTree - USA
High-end treehouses, walkways and other tree structures from this Sebastopol, California company.

Treecraft - USA
Custom designs from Aaron Smith in Boulder, CO, incorporating a lot of accessories and rope bridges.

Cape Cod Treehouse - USA
Treehouses, tree forts, zip lines and play structures.

La cabaña en el árbol - Mexico
Organic, curved designs inspired by the environment and traditional carpentry of Mexico and Europe.

Treehouse Creations - Japan
Takashi Kobayashi builds treehouses across Japan, and runs the treehouse-themed Hideaway cafe in Tokyo's Harajuku district.

Wild Wood - UK
Run by Phil Muil since 1998, the company builds small garden treehouses.

Treehouse Life - UK
A custom build treehouse company that has worked with the BBC and, uniquely, uses thatching from Africa on the roofs.

Blue Forest - UK
Design and construction of treehouses in the UK. Ethical sourcing of materials and recycling initiatives stand out.

Squirrel Design - UK
Rustic treehouses and other garden buildings. They use a mixture of whimsical designs that can look more naturally suited to the tree than some of the more formal structures around at the moment.

Castles Carey - UK
A wide range of ground supported houses.

La Cabane Perchée - France
French treehouse builders with over 350 treehouses constructed.

Rêve de Cabane - France
Treehouse building operation working from Chamonix, France.

Sur un Arbre Perché - France
Builders of treehouses all over France.

Kazanou - Belgium
Treehouse and garden house building in Belgium.

Hamer en Hark - Netherlands
(English translation of website)
Treehouses and outdoor furniture in the Netherlands.

Namas Medyje - Lithuania
(English translation of website)
Lithuanian treehouse builder.

TreeHouse Company - UK
A fairly new outfit based in Northamptonshire.