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World treehouse list - Asia


Babu Varghese (Tour India)
6 Feb 2008

We are tour operators and tourism product developers functioning at Trivandrum for the last 35 years. We are the people who introduced the concept of the Kettuvallom house boats into the backwaters of Kerala way back in 1991 after 9 years of research. The house boats of Kerala has become a mascot of the Kerala tourism in no time due to our marketing strategy. Now there are more than 400 boats in the backwaters of Kerala, directly providing jobs for more than 2000 people and indirectly about 3000 people jobs in repairing and supporting the enterprise.

We are also the creators of the now famous tree houses on tall trees for serious nature lovers at The Green Magic Nature resort in Vaithiry in 1996. Our contract will be over in the resort in 2008.

Thus we have now started Green Magic Nature Resort 2 in our own property of 35 acres of rain forest area 30km away from the previous one. The resort has two tree houses built on tall trees, one accessible with a rope way and another one with a lift working on a water bag as a counter weight. We have also 4 ecolodges on the ground with all basic facilities for comfortable stay. In addition we have created a house on a natural cave with all amenities for living with a fantastic view.

We have a restaurant to cater to the varied requirements of our visitors with a kitchen preparing Kerala culinary wonders prepared from our organic farm. The energy used is renewable energy from the sun, bio gas from the biodegradable waste and hydro electrical power we generate from our own water source.


Wild Canopy Reserve
Bokkapuram, Masinagudi, Mudumalai, Nilgiris, India
25 January 2006

Built on old Jammun Trees 40 feet from ground level,in a private forest at the foot hills of the Nilgiri mountains, adjoining Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary and National park, overlooking a water hole frequented by wildlife.The tree houses have bathrooms running hot and cold water. For reservations contact the above email.


Vythiri, Western Ghats, North Kerala, India
8 May 2005

Green Magic Treehouse. Two treehouses in 500 acres of tropical rain forest in the western ghats in North Kerala, South India. 400 feet above sea level, 100 feet above the tree with with flushing toilette, telephone shower, wash basin with running water, carpeted veranda and sit-out. The access to the house is by a hanging bridge and a lift which works by a counter wait of water comes from the mountain. You are invited.


David Greenberg
Hana, Maui, Hawaii and Sanya, Hainan, China
28 July 2000

As president of Treehouses of Hawaii Inc. I would like to announce the opening in China of our four latest treehouses. Three were designed by David Greenberg, one with the help of Michael Garnier for the engineering and one was designed by Francis Sinenci also with the help of Michael Garnier of Treesort fame. They have been designed as vacation rentals and function as small eco-resorts.

Suresh P R
Trichur, Kerala, India
18 March 2000

90 feet above the tree, with running water, shower, toilet etc in 500 acres of forest. Situated in Kerala, South India.


John Gathright
10 June 1999

We live in a Miso Barrel Treehouse in a national park in Japan. As with the fulfillment of any dream there is a fantastic story to go with it. Please check out our website. We would love to make contact with other treehouse people and have started a World Treehouse tree. Please feel free to link with us and if you would like a link on the tree we'd love to put you on.