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John Arne Loken
Utila, Honduras

8 April 2007

I have built a Treehouse on the island called Utila, Honduras. My treehouse is the only on the island, and has got it all. Super good views and lots of space over 3 floors. On hot days I can turn my A/C on and just chill!


Rory Duncan
Zambia, Africa

23 October 2006

I am going to start construction of a permanent tree house for domestic and visitor use in the Kafue river gorge system of the Zambezi valley. I want to use mostly railway track in concrete as foundations and build in and around the trees and rocks as opposed to being supported by the trees. I wanted to look at tree houses around the world to get some ideas. I am very far from Europe and States.

Ricardo Brunelli
8 April 2006
Brunelli treehouse   Brunelli treehouse   Brunelli treehouse   Brunelli treehouse   Brunelli treehouse   Brunelli treehouse

I own a small treehouse construction company in the southern part of Brazil, not too far from Argentina. I am starting to use recycled plastic/aluminum but it's been hard to find suppliers as the price of wood is not as expensive as it is in the US and other parts of the world.

Wish all treehouse builders success in their business and congratulations for their creativity. Hope to participate in an international event one day.


Ken Knight
Puebla, Mexico
12 November 2002

Recently purchased land, in Aztec country in Southern Mexico, with three large, ancient trees just crying out for a beautiful cluster of tree-houses and tree-walks. Mountain included. I was always frustrated by my family in my attempts to build tree-houses in my former life in UK, before I came to beautiful Mexico with its wonderful Aztec people.

Xavier Arnau
Mexico City, Mexico
5 September 2002

I'm building a tree house for my kids, in a tree called "Sauce" (I don't know this type of tree in English). Actually I'm beginning to establish what kind of walls I should use. The floor of the tree house is 12' off ground.


Jo Scheer
Rincon', Peurto Rico
31 Oct 1999

Technically not a treehouse, my bamboo pole house sits nevertheless 20' in the air, amongst the mango tree limbs. The bamboo poles are Guadua angustifolia, a bamboo native to Columbia. The "hooch" is accessible via a short bridge, and serves as the master bedroom of the otherwise conventional house.